Remember my User ID on this computer

Selecting the "Remember my User ID on this computer" check box saves your User ID on the computer you are currently using and helps ensure the security of your information.

Every time you log in after you select "Remember my User ID on this computer", you will only need to enter your Password, which for security reasons is never saved. This saves you a step when you log in from a trusted computer, and it does not diminish the security of your account.

You can save the same User ID on multiple computers, such as your home and work computers. But, for security reasons, you will need to enter your User ID and Password on each computer and then check the "Remember my User ID" box. Selecting this box only saves your information on the computer you are using at that time.

Because this function stores your User ID on the computer you're using at that time, you should not use this feature on public computers (such as those in a kiosk, library or internet café). And if you're concerned that someone might gain access to your personal computer (such as when you're traveling with a laptop), you can easily undo this feature by either unchecking the box the next time you log in to the site, or by deleting the cookies from your computer.